All the waves before

2022/2023 Scholarships



Abi Freckleton


Name & Concept of Artwork 作品名稱與設計理念

Category 作品屬性:


Concept of artwork 設計理念:

My works are made of fragments. Fragments of matter, objects and images - fragments of moments. By gathering material, splitting it apart and putting it back together, I am creating a temporal monument. A monument to an event in time, but also a monument to time itself. This particular work has emerged from the materials, images and memories gathered during an afternoon on a beach in northern England several years ago.

Artwork infomation




porcelain palm prints with found clay inclusion, porcelain fossilised t-shirt with salt-glazed surface, ceramic transfer of photograph of ripples on wet sand, sand-coated fluxed porcelain (aka gloop glaze).

長度 (cm):

longest curve 73cm, shorter curve 50cm


each 3cm

高度 (cm):

each 7cm

淨重 (g):

approx 800g


I use the chemical and physical processes of ceramics to reveal hidden properties inside my found and foraged materials. The remnant surfaces, shards, fluids and powders are then aggregated and allowed to flux, flow and fix in the kiln. In this work, hand-forming, slip-work and varying firing temperatures have been used along with porcelain’s many special properties to draw out subtly different hues, textures and forms from my found materials. Porcelain is used as a blank canvas and as a glue, as a permaniser and as a mobiliser, as surface and as body. Explanation of modified porcelain material & processes > Porcelain fossilised t-shirt (slip dipped & burnt out) with soluble-salt (sodium bicarbonate) wash > Porcelain with 5 - 20% addition of found clay from a sea cave on Runswick Bay beach (UK) - formed between the palms of the hands, fired at varying temperatures to achieve different colours. > Porcelain with addition of fluxes, frit and silica (gloop glaze) = 50% porcelain. > Ceramic transfers of photographs applied onto raw gloop glaze so that they stretch and distort as the glaze melts. > Sand coating on gloop glaze.

Same comments as other piece but this one needs to be developed into a form or larger space.

Beiner Susan

Arizona State University Joan R. Lincoln Endowed Professor of Art, Ceramics