Shinhye You

2022/2023 Scholarships



Shinhye You


Name & Concept of Artwork 作品名稱與設計理念

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Concept of artwork 設計理念:

Shinhye You constructs fiction that follows magical realism principles and translate them into visual forms. The story depicts a fictional world where every person bequeaths small crystals after death. The relics, left as an essence of one's life, grow and linger in the living world and become a memorial to a person who once existed. The given piece is one of the visualized forms of the relics, bringing the magical element to the real world.

Artwork infomation




長度 (cm):

32 cm


17 cm

高度 (cm):

18 cm

淨重 (g):

6 kg


In the written fiction, as the stones grow, their form slowly shapes into a form that symbolizes the life of the owners. People can speculate the life of the owners through the form and the behaviour of the organs attached to the surface of the stones. The individual stories each provide a hint of formation, depicting a shining moment in life or a strong purpose in life. The ceramics are the visualized form of the relics, bringing the magical element to the real world. The stories and the ceramics coexist, and the collaboration of text and craft expands the world where the artworks stand: from plinths to a magical world.

extraordinary craftsmanship in porcelain - i enjoy the assymetry quirkyness of the object

Felicity Aylieff

Senior Tutor Research of Royal College of Art

Interesting idea. It would be interesting to see how they differ form person to person and how they become part of the environment.

Beiner Susan

Arizona State University Joan R. Lincoln Endowed Professor of Art, Ceramics