Pierced Vessel with Porcelain Stones

20202021 FRSS & RSFP



Colby Charpentier


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This pierced vessel laden with soft-paste porcelain stones, is aimed at understanding the Western replication of Eastern porcelain. The porcelain stones and the pierced pot stand as an attempt at the porcelain ideal. This vessel “fails” in some ways at being a porcelain pot, the same way the early soft-paste porcelain formulations were not quite the hard-paste porcelain from the East.

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Ceramics are at once geologic and squishy and industrial. Hard and soft- the soft that becomes hard, and soft again. I love it. The chemistry is its own beautiful puzzle. As an artist-engineer, I formulate, test, and design materials and process. This is done in service of understanding. I flirt with the idea of harnessing phenomenology and put ceramics in compromising situations. I tease, undermine, and upend ceramic conventions, asking ceramics to do the things that I think they shouldn’t- in hopes of finding new possibilities. Making is how I ask and refine questions. Iterative practice allows me to develop rapport with materials and process. I build systems around handling and considering a material, and then let them run. I am excited and scared when deciding how and when to intervene. My inclination is to exert control, and I know the best moments happen either when I squeeze and try and overdo it, or when I stop short. On either end, there is a pushing towards extremes. Things fall apart in a most fascinating way, or they hold together with an unnerving order.

Very interesting form and showcase of material testing.

Christopher McHugh

Course Director of Ulster University BA Hons Ceramics, Jewellery & Silversmithing
北愛爾蘭阿爾斯特大學陶瓷、珠寶與銀器學系系主任 〈譯〉

I really admire the concept of this work, however the blue colour doesn't feel as successful as the previous black clay work, however, I see the reference to traditional blue and white wares... I wonder how this could be explore further, blue in the clay body.. or perhaps segments or abstractions of blue and white patterns. I really enjoy the white porcelain shards.

Rhiannon Ewing-James

Creative Producer of British Ceramics Biennial