Emerging Vessel

20202021 FRSS & RSFP



Tracey Terry


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This piece is concerned with light and colour and how it affects our emotions, The incremental layering, with light piercing the structure evokes dramatic skies, constellations, geomorphic associations and a sense of growth and change. It aims to convey the energy and flow of the material, allowing the clay to move the way it does naturally with repetitive and rhythmic gesture to create a symphony of light, colour and form.

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This "Emerging Vessel' has been made using a variety of methods, single-fired and unglazed, combining traditional and 'action' casting. Contrasting and harmonising colours are prepared using body stains in the porcelain. The base is cast in a mould and the decorative spatters inside and out have been produced prior to and after this. During making, it is necessary to think of the outside decoration first. Once layers have been built up on top of the cast section and above, the colour palette for the inside is considered. At the same time, the firm structure to the vessel walls must also be adjusted and balance. A delicate hand is required at every stage. These pieces are exciting to make, with a similarity to painting. New colours are created during the making process and to ensure translucency, paler colours and pure porcelain are used at the top. There must be sufficient gaps between the porcelain to allow the light through and create the light, cloud-like structure of the sides and the fragmented appearance.. There is a contrast between the interior textures and colours and the exterior, creating interest, particularly around the undulating rim. where they are seen together.

a poetic form as a result of exceptional skill

Anthony Quinn

Subject Leader Ceramics, Course Leader BA Ceramic Design,
Central Saint Martins
倫敦藝術大學 中央聖馬丁藝術與設計學院 陶瓷系主任〈譯〉

I really enjoy the delicate nature of this work. Where there is detail in the colours used and the laced rim, the form is simple and elegant.

Rhiannon Ewing-James

Creative Producer of British Ceramics Biennial