A Medicinal Herb Project


20202021 FRSS & RSFP



宇芊 段


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This work preserves the forms of traditional Chinese medicine with ceramics, displaying 100 kinds of herbs picked from Taiwan and Japan. By using porcelain as a medium to record the gradual fading of Han culture, expressing how the Universe gives life to all things, I hope for this work to be gifted back to the Universe.

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Medicinal Herb

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My grandfather is a traditional Chinese medicine physician, but with the passing of his life and the change of the times, these herbs and his memory began to fade with time. I selected herbs that can no longer be used due to its dampness, and reproduced the true appearance of those herbs by firing and preserving the physical form. Arranging each form in the way of specimens, while combing my personal memory at the same time, the work leads everyone to observe the details, pay attention to the beauty of herbs, then draw focus to the Chinese culture. In Chinese culture, relatives are usually "cremated" after their death. As in this work, the fired herbs in the kiln will disappear, but the porcelain slip wrapped around will survive for thousands of years after being fired at high temperature. Just like our memory and culture, which will not disappear due to life’s limit, that will survive in the universe.

A delicate memorial to traditional skills recorded in porcelain with great care, beauty and attention to detail.

Anthony Quinn

Subject Leader Ceramics, Course Leader BA Ceramic Design,
Central Saint Martins
倫敦藝術大學 中央聖馬丁藝術與設計學院 陶瓷系主任〈譯〉

Great idea and impactful display which could be developed to explore other botanic collections (threatened wildlife, etc).

Christopher McHugh

Course Director of Ulster University BA Hons Ceramics, Jewellery & Silversmithing
北愛爾蘭阿爾斯特大學陶瓷、珠寶與銀器學系系主任 〈譯〉

This is a fabulous body of work which I think many member of the public will connect with. Interestingly it reminds me of the concept of 'plant blindness' where due to our increasingly urban lives we being to stop seeing the plants around us. For some they may not have a connection with plants and flora used for medicinal purposes and this is a wonderful work to connect people with the landscape and their ancestors. A lovely and intimate installation.

Rhiannon Ewing-James

Creative Producer of British Ceramics Biennial