The Colour Of Calm

20202021 FRSS & RSFP

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麗茜 杜


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At first glance, each vessel looks unique. On closer inspection, one will notice that the agatewares are created from the same palette. This parallels the dusks and dawns in Singapore and Taiwan, how they are really the same even if they seem different at first. Taken together, the seven vessels represent a week’s worth of dusks and dawns. Individually, the contrast and contours of the exterior and interior also create a landscape of their own.

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The Colour Of Calm is a series of 7 porcelain vessels, first displayed in Daisy’s solo exhibition - To Return From Sojourn, at ION Art Gallery, Singapore in 2020. It was in a time of constant transition, a challenging period of personal growth, that I noticed the carefree nature of clouds. Calmly they floated by, unconcerned with the troubles that brewed beneath it. Then I looked beyond the clouds towards the sky. In Singapore, the dawns blushed peach then amber then azure. In Taiwan, the dusks glowed from white to gold then rose. It was then when I realised I always had the comfort of the same blanket of sky. Throughout peaks and troughs under the same sky of calm, the canvas of clouds became my balm. As a series of seven sculptures, The Colour of Calm portrays a weeks’ worth of skyscapes. Individually, the unique contours and patterns of each vessel also present a landscape that changes when viewed at different angles. I hope that this vessel brings you a bit of beauty of the Universe each time you look at it. “The essential rhythms of human life, in their most unadorned forms, appearing in constantly undulating curves.” –The Unknown Craftsman, Yanagi Soetsu

You need to practice the marbling technique more.

Kwanho Woo

Director of the Ceramic Research Center in Hongik University