give in to cuteness!!

20202021 FRSS & RSFP



Tereza Hruskova


Name & Concept of Artwork 作品名稱與設計理念

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Concept of artwork 設計理念:

Project 'give in to cuteness!!' is part of my cuteness manifesto. Goal of this manifesto is opening your heart to the cuteness. Don't be shy to show tenderness! Technique: 'Wedgwood style' technique of decoration on french porcelain and one porcelain vase with underglaze engobe painting (handpainted)

Artwork infomation




長度 (cm):

80 cm


80 cm

高度 (cm):

35 cm

淨重 (g):

6000 g


Manifesto cuteness is bunnies and the fluffiness in their fur. cuteness is kitties and the softness of their paws. cuteness is puppies, their clumsiness, vulnerability and the innocence in their eyes. cuteness is a duckling in your handful and the pink shade of its tiny beak. cuteness is a polar fox jumping around in fresh snow. cuteness is a sugar cube with your afternoon cup of coffee. cuteness is a blob of cream on a bit of strawberry cake. cuteness is a just unpacked bar of baby soap. cuteness is a boat made from a candy wrapper. cuteness is a piece of minimalism in our glutted world. cuteness is the smooth cleanness of unglazed porcelain. cuteness is a lovely vase, exposed and lonesome in the middle of a cold, sterile exhibition hall, yet she is unsuspecting and naïvely happy. and only you know she needs a cozy home and a mommy. open your heart to cuteness! don't hide away your feelings! don't be shy to show tenderness! offer the vase a new home! cuteness is the notion that the next time you come back home after a long day out in the crazy world, your precious vase will be safe and warm, waiting just for you. let her put a smile onto your heart. give in to cuteness!!

I like the interpretation of a contemporary "wedgwood" style

Claudia Casali

Director of MIC Faenza

Excellent work of beautiful form and delicate decoration.

Kwanho Woo

Director of the Ceramic Research Center in Hongik University