YAN (Act) and YAN (Eyes)


2019 FRANZ Rising Star Project



明威 吳


Name & Concept of Artwork 作品名稱與設計理念

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Concept of artwork 設計理念:

演與眼 時間與空間兩者之間的創作 演字動詞屬於一個動態得狀態,隨著不同的時間有不同的變化 眼字名詞畫面是靜態,隨著時間的改變,所看的的事情產生外在變化與內在的改變 隨著不同狀態改變,你所看的的世界,會隨著心智意念有所改變,到底是外在改變還是內在的改變 作品刻意使用陶瓷結合不斗翁的概念,刻意左右邊採用不協調的造型,營造出生命力的美(力與美)在採用陶瓷摟空的效果,以抽象的耳朵作為造型的一部分,就像你眼睛看到的世界,耳朵聽到的話語隨著時間空間轉轉變!成為(動靜之美)的效果! A creation between time and space; Act, the verb, belongs to a dynamic state, with various changes at different times. Eyes, the noun, in a static state refer to sight and perception. As time passes, the things that are seen produce external change and internal development. As the situations change, the world you see will change with your heart and mind. Are they then external changes or internal changes? The work deliberately uses the concept of ceramics combined with the tumbler, with disharmonious shapes of the left and right side, to create the vitality of life with force and beauty, along with the effect of using hollow ceramics and abstract ears as part of the form. Just like how one sees the world, the words heard by the ears change with time and space, and this becomes the effect and beauty of movement. 作者應用材質特性,挑戰自己對於陶土的應用,製作全立體之創作,再以曲面表現不同的空間感。(下一頁)

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在創作本質上,作者希望擺脫立體雕朔作品在呈現時的固定角度與方向展示,透過立體呈現上賦予作品不同的生命力,來表述「演」字和「眼」字之應用。藉由東方文化文學之意涵,應用西方立體的表現手法呈現不同的語義,以形而上之表現較抽象概念,賦予這樣的意涵在當中,也希望藉由抽象意涵表現於形而下之表現。 The work’s concept involves Chinese characters, combining multiple meanings of one word with the metaphysical expressiveness of the form. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, the artist uses Chinese characters that have been derived and formed using ‘pictophonetics’, sustained by visual recognition without the use of sound to identify. The artist uses characteristics of the material to challenge himself with clay as a medium, creating entirely 3-D forms that express a different sense of space with organic curvatures. In essence, the artist hopes to break away from the static angle and direction of display for sculptures, and express a different life of the work through the use of space and wordplay of the words “tenacity” and “pool” which have the same pronunciation “CHI” in Chinese. With Eastern culture and literati as context, and the techniques of Western three-dimensional expression to present different semantics, the form presents an abstract concept of metaphysical expression and underlying significance within.


高鵬 Peng Gao

FDC Director, Secretary-general of the FDC Academic Committee

It is a good work rich in changes in structure and movement.

Kwanho Woo

Director of the Ceramic Research Center in Hongik University