2019 FRANZ Rising Star Project

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How waste can be turned into something useful and beautiful? Currently, at least 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide each year, producing at least 8 million tons of coffee grounds. COFFIRE through the innovation of surface finishing technique by using used coffee grounds as sustainable coloring material to form mimic textures of marble under the mass production scenario. The eco-conscious method of staining is inspired by the ancient pit firing technique for pottery making. During the low temperature (700-1000℃) firing process, the interaction between the biodiesel and the sugar in the coffee grounds, which oxidized to red matter, leave on the surface of the ceramics to form random texture. Compared with the traditional pit firing, which tends to use toxic metals as coloring materials, the coffee grounds coloring ensures the safety of the product. In addition, this project replaces the traditional sandpit by gas kiln to achieve mass production, solving the problem of high waste rate of traditional pit firing. Also, the translucency of porcelain can add a form of presentation to the texture effect of the surface.

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coffee grounds, metal

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The innovative coloring technology used in COFFIRE lamp was derived from the ancient pit burning technology. During the low temperature firing process at 700-1000°C, coffee grounds on the surface of the lamp will release biodiesel and sugar. Under the influence of temperature, humidity, coffee grounds’ concentration and other variables, the interaction between the two substances will show a pink random texture on the surface of the lamp. In addition, the traditional sandpits used in the pit burning process are replaced by gas kilns. First of all, it is easier to control gas kiln as a modern firing technology in terms of operation, achieving mass production and greatly improving the yield of lamp firing. Secondly, gas kiln can be controlled at a constant temperature, so that the color of the fired lamp is more stable. Thirdly, since there are no trace elements in gas kiln, the color saturation of the fired lamp is higher. Due to the innovative coloring technology, COFFIRE lamp has a pink marble-like surface texture, which is a wonderful effect that no other glaze can achieve. The texture and color produced through this firing technology are different, making each lamp unique.

an innovative use of waste materials

Anthony Quinn

Subject Leader Ceramics, Course Leader BA Ceramic Design,
Central Saint Martins
倫敦藝術大學 中央聖馬丁藝術與設計學院 陶瓷系主任〈譯〉

Noble design incorporating pit-firing technology

Kwanho Woo

Director of the Ceramic Research Center in Hongik University

I really admire the concept of sustainability within this work. From the use of coffee grounds to the low firing process. This body of work is moving towards eco-friendly ceramic products for use within a modern home.

Rhiannon Ewing-James

Creative Producer of British Ceramics Biennial