2018 FRANZ Rising Star Project



麗茜 杜


Name & Concept of Artwork 作品名稱與設計理念

Category 作品屬性:


Concept of artwork 設計理念:

惑是一個讓我在異地求學的各種變化過程中找到歸屬感的作品,代表一來一往的旅程中那些熟悉與陌生感,以及對環境的不適應與自我迷失帶來的困惑。多面體和有機型的結合,表現出各種不同的狀態與時間流逝之成長過程。採用土與技法的本質,創造那流動、成長、有生命力,含有細緻線條的型態雕塑。每個寒暑假來回新加坡,慢慢發覺自己在家鄉的疏離感,但在台灣卻也依舊陌生。想嘗試把時間與自己的漸變做紀錄,並呈現出來。 Unblued, is a work that allows me to find a sense of belonging in the various situations met studying abroad. It represents the familiarity and strangeness of the journey between Singapore and Taiwan, as well as the unease and discomfort caused by the need to constantly adapt to the changing environment. Being foreign in a foreign land, and yet foreign in your own homeland, this displacement and unease has been stirring within me. The combination of geometric and organic forms shows and documents the growth of various states and times in making ceramics. Each form holds both inner and outer visual textures, with marbling from colored porcelain slip and subtle color gradients of contours within. With a unique technique of slip-casting, these forms flow and grow in the installation, having a life of its own, creating a landscape reflecting the various blues found in natures’ scenery, allowing the audience to feel at peace, slowing down and enjoying the details of what they see.

Artwork infomation




Mirror, fishing line and metal ring (hanging features)

長度 (cm):

8 cm


8 cm

高度 (cm):

20 cm

淨重 (g):

300 g


Dimensions varied, installation is on a mirrored surface. Dimensions and weight given is of one individual piece. The technique of forming I have developed, is one that brings focus to the characteristics of porcelain slip and its working relationship with plaster. As slip loses moisture coming in contact with the plaster mold, it forms a layer of porcelain and this process of continuous movement and spiralling of the plaster mold creates subtle lines, layer upon layer on the walls of the vessel. Other than the contours within the form, gradients of the colored slip are also created in the process. The repetitive nature and time consuming routine creating the series of works is one that brings out the beauty of the process and technique we would once overlook. Slip casting, although referred to as a mass manufacturing process in ceramics, is used to produce replicated objects in larger numbers. However, this technique reflects on the human touch needed in craft and how every object essentially would never be the same, created through our hands, serving a given purpose, along with thoughts and value that we place on it based on our own experiences and perspective.


Kwanho Woo

Director of the Ceramic Research Center in Hongik University