Modern Quadripod


2018 FRANZ Rising Star Project



有彧 丁


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家庭是每個人在一開始就接觸的社會結構,是我們生活中最根深蒂固的結構。 隨著成長和經驗,過去的認知不斷變化。 通過古代中國的鼎,以古老形狀來表達過去與現代社會之間認知的轉變。 從日常的炊具,紀念器皿到權力的象徵,這個古老的象徵不僅體現了當今社會的深刻歷史和文化,而且交織了過去的社會結構,重建了現代社會。 21世紀的社會因為國際競爭力與資訊的進步,促使世代型態的改變,家庭的未來慢慢轉移到孩子身上。孩子為了未來的競爭力,必須想辦法與世界接軌。為其目的,離開家庭賦予的舒適圈成了多數的常態。 作品:現代鼎是將這樣的家庭結構改變的觀察呈現在作品。過去鼎耳(過去鼎的把手。)是設計移動使用,所以必須堅固的固定在本體中。而作品中鼎耳是以卡榫的結構呈現,象徵著家族生成早已準備孩子的離去,並渴望孩子的歸來帶領著家族前進。 透過改變過去型態與意識的鼎,來詮釋現代型態的改變,是在記錄與呈現現代社會型態的轉化,這是屬於21世紀的現代鼎。其中一座鼎是作者透過這樣的觀察論點再次反思與記錄自我,身處在家族期許階段時內心投射的樣貌。

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Home is the social structure that everyone contacts at the beginning and the most deep-rooted structure accompanying our life. Along with growth and experience, the past cognition has changed constantly. Through the archaic shapes of ancient Chinese Quadripod to express the transformation of cognition between the past and the modern society. From daily cooking utensils, commemorative vessels to the symbols of power, this archaic symbol not only embodies the profound history to our generation but also intertwined the past social structure and regenerate the modern society. In the 21st century, our world is unceasingly driven by the development of technology, information and international competitiveness, these reasons have led to the change in the structure pattern of the different generation. Family's future hopes and responsibilities are shifting to the children's shoulder. Therefore, children must find ways to integrate the new world and enhance their own strength to adapt and face all the unknown challenges and competitions. For this purpose, leaving the comfort zone given by the family has become a common occurrence for most people. Modern Quadripod is to record the observation of such a change in the family structure. In the past, the ears of the Quadripod (the handle of the Quadripod) was designed to facilitate mobile use, so it must be firmly jointed to the body. But in the works - Modern Quadripod, the ears were designed as a mortise structure, which symbolizes that when the family is formed, at the same time also ready for the departure of the child, and eager for their return as a pulsation to lead the family forward. The concept base on the traditional forms of Quadripod which implies the social consciousness from the past, and through regenerates new forms to interpret the changing social patterns of this generation. These works aim to record and explore the transformation of modern society, the 21st century's Modern Quadripod. One of them(Quadripod-1) is that the artist reconsiders and records his own experience through such observation, and projecting his inner appearance into work when he is in the expectation stage of his family.

The mission makes the difference

Wilhelm Siemen

Former Director of Porzellanikon
Staatliches Museum für Porzellan
德國賽爾布陶瓷博物館前館長 〈譯〉


Kwanho Woo

Director of the Ceramic Research Center in Hongik University