Panoramic Textures of Time

2018 FRANZ Rising Star Project



Helen Johannessen


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Since I was young I enjoyed being high up somewhere looking across a view – either a city or the countryside. And I still do. I gain a sense of my place in the world, tracing journeys across the landscape that have been taken or yet to venture. Trying to identify recognizable landmarks or go further and beyond into the imagination. Scale takes on a different meaning; there is little to relate to compared to our nearer vision of ‘things’. Scale accesses a place of imagination, remember the past or make up stories. So much for the eyes to see, the panorama takes on an existence of patterns and depths, it can be nearly impossible to capture the fullness and complete feelings when faced with breathtaking views in real life. My ceramic panoramics have aimed to pick up the overview of an environment of city views whilst trying to transform that reality into a space far away from reality. Each scene is reminiscent of elements in the memory or the here and now. The colours and patterns emulate fragments of buildings, skyline and the bustle of a heavily populated environment at different times.

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In these flat works I have used a handmade parian porcelain slip. Layers have been built up with screen printing, applications of colour and considered composition. The method relies on both experience and chance. The sheets have been cast onto plaster, released and therefore in reverse to how I have initially worked each layer – the first mark laid stays as so, in painting that first mark can be the one that disappears. The results create a sense of movement and detail, depth and foreground; all that is characteristic of a landscape or scenic vista. Both the city, sky and surroundings are represented in my panoramas. Beyond the initial view, a visceral experience can take effect. I have mounted the ceramic to give them a certain depth that lifts them away from the wall and cast their own shadow. This also provides a dimension to a 3-4mm thin material and offers another type of three dimensionality.


Kwanho Woo

Director of the Ceramic Research Center in Hongik University