Textures in White

2018 FRANZ Rising Star Project



Caitlin Winslow


Name & Concept of Artwork 作品名稱與設計理念

Category 作品屬性:


Concept of artwork 設計理念:

Textures in White is a collection of porcelain tableware. This collection was created as I have a strong desire to bring art and functionality together to create contemporary pieces, this was one of the aims of when I began creating this collection. I get my inspiration from the natural world which I explore through the medium of clay. This is reflected in the colour palette that I choose to use for glazing and the organic forms of my pieces. The pieces in this collection are not intended to be solely desirable because of their functionality but predominately because of their aesthetic and tactility. Textures in White has been created to combat societies throw away culture, which now extends to ceramics due to cheap mass production. Although I use the mass production process of slip-casting, each piece that I create is unique and one of a kind as I form the shape and apply the textures by hand. Every piece in this collection is textured by hand. I use any tool that you might find in an artist’s tool box, but I tend to use ones that are not ceramics specific. I try and use tools in an unconventional way, such as using the wrong end of a paintbrush, to create unique textures.

Artwork infomation





長度 (cm):

(38.5cm Plate) (21cm Large bowl) (15cm Small bowl) (8cm Jug)


(23.5cm Plate) (16cmLarge bowl) (10.5cm Small bowl) (4cm Jug)

高度 (cm):

(2.5cm Plate) (8cm Large bowl) (6.5cm Small bowl) (7.5cm Jug)

淨重 (g):

(842g Plate) (431g Large bowl) (213g Small bowl) (121g Jug)


I chose to use porcelain slip as my ceramic body because of it's malleability and elasticity, these qualities were perfect for this collection of work as I formed the shape by hand after casting and textured the pieces by hand. Another reason for choosing porcelain is its aesthetic. I love how the white clay body contrasts with the colours I use in glazing. This is why I chose not to glaze the outside of the vessels. I also like the way the porcelain gives a crisp look to the textures I create.

Fiction meets aesthetics. Good combination of tactility, attractive relief and beautiful ceramic color/glaze

Wilhelm Siemen

Former Director of Porzellanikon
Staatliches Museum für Porzellan
德國賽爾布陶瓷博物館前館長 〈譯〉


Kwanho Woo

Director of the Ceramic Research Center in Hongik University