Textures of Time: Stockholm. Perimeter. Inside. Out.

Textures of Time: Stockholm. Perimeter. Inside. Out.

2018 FRANZ Rising Star Project



Helen Johannessen


Name & Concept of Artwork 作品名稱與設計理念

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My work relates to contemporary interpretations of modern life using geometry, abstraction and subtle form. Perspective is critical to my philosophy; allowing oneself to visually engage with the shift of where reality and vision meet; access an inner world that enables the imagination to drift and enter a state of reverie. Composition of structure, materiality and thinking through the making process guides my preliminary intentions. The procedure then transfers from my control – the high temperatures of the process where the material adopts its’ own character. Movement is essential to the surfaces and forms, this resonates in the overall aesthetic. The sense of place and placement is a distinct influence in what I am currently making, both in my direct response and for the positioning and perception of the viewer. We all see and understand things differently; from distances and angles and I want this to be sensed from my ceramics. The feeling of being far away or very close are to be experienced by audience engagement. The delicate nature of the porcelain used with subtle texture or colour creates intriguing and illusionary work that shift with physical positioning by the observer.

Artwork infomation




30 cm

長度 (cm):

18 cm


30 cm

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淨重 (g):


The project working with sculptural loops evoke a sense of living in Stockholm, Sweden - a new place of residency whilst on a student exchange with the Royal College of Art and Konstfack University. Using inspiration and visceral qualities from the winter light when I arrived through to emerging Spring life. The palette was developed to evoke quietness, tones and air of city life whilst remaining connected to nature and the surroundings. My work addresses modern living – full, stimulating and progressing technologically - and aims to quieten the visual noise of the 21st century. Through interpretation and representation, the pieces access a moment of transcendence and contemplation. Disconnecting from modern life and mass data, connecting with inner space away from reality; a pause or time to enter a state of reverie and relfection. I use methods of screen printing with coloured clay, building up layers which are have then been constructed into form. By internalizing the surfaces, experimenting with the materiality of clay and reflects personal inner thoughts. Light can penetrate the delicate and thin parian porcelain, capturing the cycle of light at different times of the day.


向勇 Yong Xiang

Professor of School of Arts, Peking University
Vice Dean of Institute for Cultural Industries, Peking University

interesting way of combining color and surface

Wilhelm Siemen

Former Director of Porzellanikon
Staatliches Museum für Porzellan
德國賽爾布陶瓷博物館前館長 〈譯〉


Kwanho Woo

Director of the Ceramic Research Center in Hongik University