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Alice Walton


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Alice Walton works with coloured porcelain throughout its malleable states, in an attempt to highlight the meditative process of the material. Her sculptural and abstract forms explore complex and intense surface textures and aim to provoke intrigue. In a world which is changing at a pace increasingly minute by minute she attempts to slow down, allowing her to create brick by brick, steadily evolving form. The repetitive nature of mark making mimics the constant review of certain objects on her daily commutes e.g. concrete bollards, brickwork and pipework. Her latest ceramic work is inspired by the environment she sees around her, the streets, the sky, everyday objects and the green spaces within the city of London. Her sculptural and abstract forms explore complex and intense surface textures, pushing the clay to its limits with the intent to provoke intrigue. She engages her fascination of noticing mundane street objects which we pass by in our everyday lives and investigates how they can transcend into the unusual and extraordinary objects which can no longer go unnoticed, forming a new abstract landscape.

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As reference, she combines her photographic collages and drawings from memory, bought into the studio to work from. This takes her work away from literal street inspiration and transforms it into an imaginative collection of objects. The ceramic process is all about change, the moulding of the clay, the personal mark making, the firing and changing colours that it causes. This is the reason Alice loves working with this material, so rich in history and heritage, with associations across cultures. Through her making she aims to highlight the meditative process of the material, she is motivated and entirely dedicated to her practice. The names of her sculptures refer back to her referencing of colour. On a recent trip to Rajasthan in India Alice was struck by the intense yet diluted colours found on the street walls and temple frescos. Bleached by the sun and drenched by the monsoons Alice saw these colours being replicated in coloured clays. This was the start of her body of work and her fascination and exploration of additions within porcelain.


向勇 Yong Xiang

Professor of School of Arts, Peking University
Vice Dean of Institute for Cultural Industries, Peking University


Kwanho Woo

Director of the Ceramic Research Center in Hongik University